Rain and Rainbows: Part 1

This past week, I was literally flying by the seat of my pants with NJoy’s homeschool work.  I had not really planned on doing anything new with him since I didn’t with ALuv.  But 2 Teaching Mommies inspired me with their Rain Unit and I got to work making some printables to go with our theme.

Although NJoy was excited to get back to his schoolwork, he wasn’t as excited as I thought he’d be and was “done” after a couple of activities each day (I usually plan 3-4 a day with him).  So, I had quite a few items left over from our week.  What do do…what to do…

As I checked out Erica’s vowel units, I came across her Letter U for Umbrella and had this thought: What if I just extended the rain theme into next week and incorporated some letter u things: namely umbrellas?  So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.  I’ll post Part 2 next week when we’re all done! :)

But for now, here’s Part 1 of Rain/Rainbows:

These activities came from 2 Teaching Mommie’s Rain Unit.

First, he used it as a pre-writing activity,

then, he used it as a cutting activity

What’s Different?  (I’m so proud of how he tried to hold the pen…getting closer!!  I think he is a lefty after all.)

Other Rain/Rainbow/Color Word Activities (FREE downloads included):

Draw & Spell RAINBOW: First, he drew his rainbow, (all the while singing PBS’ The Cat in the Hat (Knows A Lot About That) Rainbow song. I think you can view the entire rainbow episode with this link under Videos.)

Then he spelled rainbow with our round letter stickers that came from Target’s $1 bin.

Do-a-Dot Color Spelling-he really liked this one!

Rainbow Print Awareness (concept of print)- I drew out the rainbow and wrote the color words on it.  He colored the rainbow, then we composed the sentence and glued it down.

He was very proud of his work!

We colored a few rain-themed pictures

Color Me Different-he did this after we read Elmer


Do-a-dot Elmer (I got the image here)

Even MBug got into this craft-she held up her work so I would take her picture.  Then she kept saying, “See me” over and over so I’d show her the picture I’d taken. :)

We also did a craft and writing activity with It Looked Like Spilt Milk.  You can view that post here.

Read Aloud Books: I don’t have time to provide all the links so if you have a question about one of the books, I’d be happy to answer it.

On MBug’s shelf, I placed:

Big Books and other books: (you can find other book {and rainbow} ideas here)

Cat’s Colors, Noah (Bible story), The Napping House, & A Color of His Own

Joseph’s Coat of Many Colors, Noah, Rain, Elmer, Paddington’s Colors, Brown Bear, It Looked Like Spilt Milk, The Rainbow Fish, Cat’s Colors, & The Napping House.

In the next couple of days (maybe tomorrow if I can get them all finished), I’ll post some new FREE Rain printables that I’ve made for this week, so stay tuned!

Thank you for joining This Reading Mama on a literacy journey!




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