U is for Umbrella: Part 2 (of Rain/Rainbow Posts)

This past week, NJoy finished his work on rain/rainbows (see Part 1 post here) and we added in some of the activities from Erica and Carisa’s U is for Umbrella units.

Plus, I had a few printables I’d made of my own.  You can view and download all of the printables I made for FREE here; as I made more than we used.

U Work

U Do-a-Dot

U Tracing-he traced with several different colors to make it look like a rainbow

U Poke Page-still a favorite with NJoy

and MBug


Under the Umbrella Emergent Reader (we used the cut & paste version)

First, I pre-cut all the things needed to be glued in the book.  I  wrote out all the animal names on sentence strips.  Together, we matched the word to the animal, listening for mainly the initial letter sound.

Then, I read the words of the text, circling the animal words.  He had to find the animal and glue it in the text.  We went back and “read” the text together.

Umbrella Do-a-Dot

Umbrella Puzzle

 Color Words

I found these in my color file in the attic!  As a K teacher, I had cut these out with an Elison cutter and put magnets on the back.  He built each word,

using the color words posted in our schoolroom as his guide.

Then, we sang the Color Train Song by Dr. Jean as we spelled each word.


Rain Print Awareness– FREE download

First, he made rain with a blue stamp pad

We glued on the words

And he pointed to the words as we “read” them together

Rain on the Green Grass for the Pocket Chart:

We sang the song, then slowly pointed to each word

NJoy picked one sentence to rebuild on the floor.

MBug took over the pointer and went to town!

I found this activity on Childcare Land.  I used it to start working on numbers 11-20, so I printed off two sets of the number cards and he was to match the number on the other side of the rainbow.

Rainbow Shape Matching

Rainbow Sticker Page– I usually use do-a-dot with these pages, but I “stole” the sticker idea from Carisa’s post with Ladybug.

More rain coloring pages

Rain graphing–he used a cloud stamp to graph his results


Umbrella Water Coloring Craft– (we used blue do-a-dot paint for the rain)

Extra Learning Fun

This puzzle was a HUGE hit this week between NJoy and MBug.  I couldn’t believe how long they played with it…without a single argument!

Stacking the pieces up

Finding the matches

Saying the numbers together

Then, MBug took over.  I said the numbers while she pointed.

Discovery Toy’s “Bug Game” (this is NJoy’s name for the game)

Being read to by big bro!

Overall, we had a good and busy week back at school.  Yay!  Thanks for joining This Reading Mama on a literacy journey!




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