Thanksgiving Mats for Pattern Blocks

When my oldest was in Kindergarten, I drew some Thanksgiving Mats for Pattern Blocks for him by hand. And while they served their purpose, I have been working to update them for my preschooler and Kindergartner this year. And now, I also get to share them with you! PLUS, you’ll find a couple of extra bonus goodies that can be used with any mat for Pattern Blocks! {All download are found at the end of this post}.

FREE Thanksgiving Pattern Block Mats {extension activities included!} - This Reading Mama

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Thanksgiving Mats for Pattern Blocks

In these FREE Thanksgiving Mats, you’ll find 5 different mats both in color and black/white and can be used with the plastic pattern blocks or wooden pattern blocks. Both my kiddos enjoyed working them over and over. {The free download can be found at the end of this post.}

Pilgrim Pattern Block Mat

I printed them off onto card stock paper and did not laminate them. I have found that laminating them or even slipping them into a plastic sleeve protector makes them a little harder to work because the surface is slippery, causing the pattern blocks to move out of place too easily.


Learning Extensions with Pattern Blocks

Giant Pattern Blocks

After my Kindergartner had worked a few mats, I challenged him to build the same pictures with our Giant Magnetic Pattern Blocks. He LOVES to play with these and did such a great job transferring the small block image to the larger one.

making pictures with giant magnetic pattern blocks


using large pattern blocks to make the image

 These magnetic blocks are SO cool and are a great extension piece for the home or in the classroom.


Graphing with Pattern Blocks

As a way to extend this activity for my preschooler, she picked her favorite mat and together, we graphed* how many she had used of each pattern block. Note: this graphing activity will work with ANY pattern block mat.

graphing activity based on pattern block mats

She then had to answer questions about her graph. She loved this activity and exclaimed that now she was a “big girl” because she was doing Kindergarten work. :)


Tally with Pattern Blocks

My Kindergartner needed to work on tally marks, so I created a tally mark graph and recording sheets* for him. Please note that this free printable will also work with ANY pattern block mat.

numbering the Pattern Block mats

First, I wrote “Mat 1″, “Mat 2″, “Mat 3″, etc. on the five Thanksgiving mats.


using tally marks to represent a number

After he worked a mat, he recorded how many of each shape he had used with tally marks.


tally mark recording sheet for pattern blocks

Then, we used another recording sheet to answer questions about his tally mark graph.

*This FREE Graphing and Tally Pack has printables in color and in black/white.



More Thanksgiving Activities for the Young Child



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FREE Thanksgiving Pattern Block Mats | This Reading Mama

Thanksgiving Pattern Block Mats


Pattern Block Graph and Tally Pack {FREE} | This Reading Mama Graph & Tally with Pattern Blocks



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