Hugs and Kisses from Dad and Mom

Hugs and Kisses from Dad and Mom with Chocolate Candy {Free Printable Included} | This Reading Mama

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There have been several times over the last few months when I have been out of town for a couple of days. (And there will be several more this coming spring when I speak at Teach Them Diligently!) One tradition I’ve started with my kids is to leave chocolate hugs and kisses from mommy while I’m gone. Each morning, they get a hug and kiss from mommy and each evening, they get another hug and kiss. They almost seem disappointed when I come back into town and they no longer get the chocolate hugs and kisses. 😉

FREE Hugs and Kisses Labels for Dads and Moms | This Reading MamaI created these FREE labels, perfect for both moms and dads, to use with your own kids (click HERE or on the image to download). They work any time of the year, but are especially perfect during the Valentine’s season! Just put your chocolate goodies in a plastic bag, cut out and hole punch the label of choice, and tie it on the bag.

Some ideas for using hugs and kisses from dad and mom are:

  • Leave at home when you go on a trip and are away from home (like mentioned above)
  • Pack in your child’s lunchbox
  • Pack with your child when (s)he goes somewhere for an overnight trip
  • Hide in a spot, like under your child’s pillow, just for fun
  • When you’re going through a rough patch with your child as a little reminder that you always love him/her
  • Just to say, “I love you” at any time!


If you enjoy these activities and printables, I would encourage you to follow along in one or more of these ways so you don’t miss a thing!


  1. What a sweet way to let your children know you’re thinking about them…even if you’re not physically with them!

  2. This is a sweet tradition! Perhaps I should think of something like this when I go on my next business trip!

  3. Jessica Andrews says:

    I found this idea a while ago and love it very much. Since my husband is in the military and often away, this served as a sweet reminder during his deployments and training.

  4. Thanks for reminding me of a sweet memory! My husband went to Russia for two weeks when my daughter was 3. We filled a mason jar with chocolate kisses for the exact number of days he would be gone (X2). We ate one each day until he came home. She is 10 now :)

  5. These are very sweet!


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