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A Poem of Thanksgiving

Learning to be grateful is not just for kids.  It moves with you into adulthood.  There’s always going to be someone whose prettier, smarter, richer, more talented, etc.  It is truly a gift to learn to be content with what you have and express gratitude for it.  To integrate some gratitude into our writing this past week, ALuv composed a poem of thanksgiving.

First, I had him write his “sloppy copy”.  He picked five things he was thankful for to use in his poem (remembering that not all poems rhyme).  I used the starter, “Thank You God for…”, but you could also use “I give thanks for…” or “I am thankful for…”.

Then he got to do something that I confess we need to do more around here: he typed up his poem on the computer.  This was a good lesson in where the shift key is, what is the space bar, etc.

Afterwards, he decorated the border of his poem

 and we hung it up in our schoolroom.

Such a simple way to integrate Thanksgiving and writing, yet such a powerful reminder that we all have so much to be grateful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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