Writing Sentences: A Roll and Write Activity

Teaching kids about writing sentences with all the parts of speech can be a bit boring and dry. I vividly remember diagramming sentences as a child and wishing I was doing anything but that! But at the same time, teaching sentence structure and the parts of speech is important for kids to understand. That’s why I created Roll and Sentence and Roll a Silly Sentence, which we explored when my son was in the 1st grade.

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Writing Longer Sentences a roll-and-write Activity- This Reading Mama

This year, we explored writing longer sentences including Who? Did What? When? and Where? parts with the same rolling cubes. It was just as much fun and explored the parts of a sentence and writing sentences in an interactive way. {You can download the FREE 15-pg. printable pack at the end of this post.}


Rolling and Writing Sentences

All you need for this activity are these rolling cubes, the sentence cards (which I printed on card stock), a pencil, and paper for the child to record the sentences.

Once the cards have been cut out and inserted into each cube, the child rolls the cubes and creates a sentence with them. Because there is a wide range of cards, many of the sentences will end up being silly…an added bonus for reluctant writers!

rolling and making sentences with cubes

Note: Not all the sentences will go in the same order. For example, the Where? or When? cube may make more sense at the front of the sentence instead of at the end. We made this discovery as we spoke each sentence aloud. I’d ask, “Is that how we say it?” If it wasn’t, we rearranged the cubes until it sounded like how we’d say it. (This lead to a great conversation about the use of commas, too!)


writing sentences after rolling cubes

After arranging the cubes to form a sentence, he got out his Writer’s Notebook (using the rough draft section) and recorded the sentences, remembering to use capital letters and punctuation. On the free download, there’s an extra sheet recording sheet I’ve included that can be slipped into a plastic sleeve protector to re-use with dry erase markers. We didn’t use it, but you certainly can.


More Ideas for Writing Sentences

adapting the writing sentences activity without cubes

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  1. Love, love, LOVE, Becky! Here’s an “I wish I thought of that” post :) Such a fabulous alternative to writing the sentences correctly in language workbooks (Snore!). Sharing on Facebook later today.

  2. I truly will enjoy teaching writing using your ideas!

  3. This is so great. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Annette says:

    thanks so much – will probably use some of this with my “kids” this summer!

  5. Where did you get the dice? Great idea!

  6. youclevermonkey says:

    This looks like such a fun way to write longer more interesting sentences. Pinned :)


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