W is for Winter (3 FREE Printables included)

Last week, NJoy learned about the letter W.  He enjoyed these winter activities as we also focused in on the things you wear in winter.


Introducing W’s sound with my sound tub: it contains a whale, windmill, watch, whistle, wagon, & watering can.

W Tracing

W Poke Page (both kids went wild with this)

W Do-a-Dot

W-Glue the Pictures

I regret that the website I got these next two winter printables from has had to take down all her printables due to copyright issues.  I hope that she’ll be able to resolve this, as her printables are AWESOME!

W/not W sort

W is for Winter Do-a-Dot

WINTER CLOTHING (2 FREE Printables included):

FREEBIE #1 Winter Clothes Matching: My Facebook fans have already seen this as I sent this printable out last week.

We matched body parts to winter clothing.  This one can be adapted for Kindergarten-level kids as well (see directions on download).

FREEBIE #2 Dressed for Snow Emergent Reader: I expanded on this printable a bit for NJoy.  You can download the expanded version here.

To expand it for him, 1- I cut out all the pictures.  2- We went over each piece of clothing, talking about what letter each began with.  3- I read the text like this: “I put on my /b/ /b/ /b/…mmm …this word starts with the /b/ sound.  Which piece of winter clothing starts with /b/?”, 4- He would find it and glue it on the page.

Winter/Summer Clothes Sorting

Mitten Matching: He needed quite a bit of guidance to do this one, but he greatly enjoyed drawing the lines.

Mitten Do-a-Dot

Roll the Winter Clothing: This was his first experience with graphing and he did rather well.  It helped that we used our Do-a-Dot paint!


I picked several activities from Homeschool Creation’s Snowy Day Pre-K Pack.  He liked the cutting activity.

So much so, that he simply could not stop himself.  I figured he was getting some good cutting practice in.  And it was also a good lesson on cleaning up our messes. :)

I also picked several more activities from 2TeachingMommies, including this 1-10 Winter Fun puzzle.

I put magnets on the back and he put it together on a cookie sheet. It’s always fun to try things a new way.  It brings such a freshness.


FREEBIE #3  At the end of the week, we put the winter scene picture on his Picture Word Wall.  You can download it here.

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