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Last year, my son (currently 5 years old) worked through Reading the Alphabet and was introduced to word families and short vowel words. This year, we’ve taken it very slow as it’s his last year as a preschooler. He loves to learn and loves to read, so I wanted him to savor all he could as a preschooler before “big kid school” starts next year as a Kindergartner.

FREE Short Vowel Word Building Pack | This Reading Mama

This school year, we have mainly worked through reading and writing short vowel words in his phonics instruction, building a solid foundation there. We dabbled in blends a bit, but I’ve mainly stuck with short vowel words. Not too long ago, I created this short vowel word building activity for him kind of as an assessment to see how he’d do. This activity is VERY similar to the Magnetic Alphabet Build-a-Word activity I created for my daughter earlier this school year.
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building short vowel words with letter tiles

I had him work through Level 2 of this pack- building words with no hints, except for the pictures. Some days, he used letter tiles and other days, he used our magnetic letters, like you see in the picture at the top.

Beforehand, I pulled out all the letters he’d need to spell all the words and mixed them up in a container. When I placed the mat in front of him, I made sure he knew what each picture represented, so he’d know what word he needed to spell. He used the tiles or magnetic letters to spell each word.


Magnetic Build-a-Short Vowel level 1

Because he did not need the words for extra support, I left them off his short vowel word building mats. But, included in the pack is a Level 1 (see above) are the short vowel mats WITH words included. If your child is just learning how to sound out words by their phonemes (individual sounds), these mat would be perfect for some short vowel work.


Short Vowel Word Study app from This Reading Mama

 My Short Vowels Word Study app is PERFECT for kids in this developmental spelling stage…only $2.99!


Download the FREE Short Vowel Word Building Pack HERE!


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  1. Linden Davies says:

    Thank you, great for my less able year ones as an independent activity rotation.

  2. I love these! Perfect for my son! And I love the two levels, it will build his confidence. Thank you!!!

  3. This may be a silly question: how many letters should I have out for my young 4 to choose from? He spends (what feels like) so much time saying, “Where’s the d? I don’t see the d.”

    • Not a silly question AT ALL! I pull out only the letters he’ll need to spell the words. And I purchased two of the magnetic letter packs, so I have enough for him to spell all of the words without putting any back. :)


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