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Just recently, our family went on a trip to Washington, D.C. It was about a 6 hour drive, which can seem like an eternity with 4 small kids. Before we left, I searched online for some time, trying to find a cute AND FREE Road Trip BINGO printable game, but was unable to find exactly what I wanted, so I created one! And today, I’m sharing it with you…for those upcoming road trips as school breaks.

The game is pretty self-explanatory. Just print off a game boards (there are 8 included, plus a blank game board for you own use), watch for certain items on your trip, and mark off your board. The person who finds all of the objects on their game board first wins.

My kids played it such that only the first person to see that particular object got to mark it off their board, so it was competitive, but you don’t have to play that way. It could be a collaborative activity, which is what I prefer any way.


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Click HERE to download this Road Trip BINGO Printable Pack!


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  1. Perfect! Can’t wait to use them on our trip to KY in a few weeks!

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