Spelling with LEGO Letters

Spelling with Lego Letters

While awake at 4am the other morning {Yes. 4am}, I was contemplating how I could combine ALuv’s obsession with Legos and my love for teaching reading.  As I mulled over how this could be done, an idea popped into my head. Since ALuv has a HUGE bucket of Legos (we easily have over 5,000), I knew he wouldn’t miss a handful of them!


Material Preparation:

making LEGO letters1.  I collected the Legos.  My two “helpers” assisted me in pulling out the needed Legos. Okay, so they really built cars while I did all the work, but good help can be hard to come by these days! :)  (If I’d only been as organized as Carisa, this would not have taken so long.)

sorting LEGOs to make letters2.  I sorted the Legos.  The Legos on the left side of this picture are for the short consonants, such as c, m, n, v, etc.  The red Legos in the middle are for vowels, and the Legos on the right side are for tall consonants (b, d, t, l, etc.) or consonants with a “tail” (p, q, j, etc.).

3. I wrote the letters on the Legos.  I placed all the Legos with the bumps facing to the right and wrote with an Ultra Fine Point Sharpie (permanent); which I found at Target.  So far, only the q has smudged; the rest have held up very well.

LEGO LettersHere’s a picture of my finished blocks in ABC order.  If you’ll notice, I also included a red w and a red y for when they act as vowels.

One awesome thing about this is that the b, d, q, and g will not fit together if they are turned the wrong way, so it helps to limit their confusion.  I did, however, write all the b‘s on yellow blocks, the d‘s on light green, and the p‘s on white; just to solidify their differences.


sort LEGO letters by shape1.  We sorted the Lego letters by “shape” (short letters, tall letters, letters with “tails”).

2. I modeled how to click them together correctly so that the letters retained their “shape”.

3. I called out Word Wall words (sight words) and he built them.  These are the words he made: and, can, go, look, like, off, is, stop, the & you.

building a word with LEGO letters

Once we got into the lesson, this reminded me of the Reading Rods I used in the classroom with my Kinders and 1st graders (only cheaper!).

Variation & Extension Ideas:

I knew NJoy would want to be right in there with us, so I made some letter blocks for him out of the Duplo blocks-upper case on one side and lower case on the other.  This way MBug could safely play, too, while ALuv’s smaller Lego pieces stayed on the table.

Making Duplo Letters for Toddlersnaming his letters

I created a couple of worksheets for ALuv on A to Z Teacher Stuff.  He did this one as independent work the next day.  He totally LOVED doing this!

recording sheet for LEGO lettersFor the worksheet, he had to: 1) Look at the words at the top, 2) Build the words with Legos & 3) Write the correct word in each word shape puzzle.

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  1. I made a set of these for my son, who is in first grade. He absolutly Loves them. He hates rainbow writing his spelling words, but building them with Legos is awsome. I do make him practice writing the word along with the lego spelling, but the everyday lego practice has got him 100%’s on all his tests so far. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the idea!


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