Print & Play: Telling Time Game {K-2}

free telling time games for K-2 large

Today, I’m excited to share the 3rd game set in our Low-Prep Game Series called Print & Play. If you’re new to this series, feel free to read our introduction. *This post contains affiliate links. The Measured Mom is sharing a FREE game for telling time today, specifically for K-2nd grades. Widgets   All […]

Learning and Sorting Letter Sounds with Ice Cream

Learning and Sorting Letter Sounds with Ice Cream - This Reading Mama

A couple of weeks ago, we shared a Short and Long Vowel sorting activity with ice cream and my daughters {ages 3 and 5} were a bit jealous. So this past week, I adapted it into an activity for learning and sorting letter sounds with ice cream! FUN! *This post contains affiliate links. Before using […]

Learning the Alphabet – FREE Letter Z Printable Pack

Learning the Alphabet - FREE Letter Z Printable Pack - This Reading Mama

Here we are…the LAST letter of our Learning the Alphabet, FREE printable letter packs! These packs were designed to help kids learn their letters and letter sounds in a hands-on way. You can read more about Learning the Alphabet and see lots of images of these packs in action in our introductory post; or purchase all […]

Letter Z Book List

Letter Z Book List compiled by This Reading Mama

It’s hard to believe that we’re on our last letter of the week book list, a letter z book list. These have been so fun to put together. You can find our free letter z printables here: Learning the Alphabet – Letter Zz Printable Pack Reading the Alphabet – Letter Zz Lesson *This post contains affiliate […]

Beginning Sounds Games – Just Print & Play

Beginning Sounds Games - 10 low-prep games - print and play - This Reading Mama

If you’re looking for some simple, low-prep beginning sounds games, you’re in the right place! Today, we’re sharing 10 beginning sounds games as a part of our Print & Play series this summer. These beginning sounds games can be for one player or two players. Be sure to read more about the series and find […]

10 Phonics Readers for Early Reading

10 Phonics Readers for Early Reading - guest post of Wildflower Ramblings on This Reading Mama

Why teach phonics? Phonological awareness extends into phonics when a child understands that letters make sounds and those letters create words. In 2000, the National Reading Panel released its report, and they concluded, without room for doubt, that early instruction in phonics is the best way to teach children how to read. This expansive study […]

FREE Shapes Game: Just Print & Play

free shape game for kids in K-2

Have you seen the new, low-prep game series that The Measured Mom and I have started? It’s called Print & Play; and you can read more about it HERE. Today is the first day of the series. The Measured Mom is sharing a FREE Shapes Game over on her blog, so hop on over to […]

Print and Play Series- Low-Prep Learning Games

Print and Play - Low-Prep Learning Games

If you’ve followed along very long, you know that my “blogging buddy” is The Measured Mom. We’ve co-authored three learning series so far: 1- Preschool and Kindergarten Writing Lessons, 2- Simple Writing Lessons in the Primary Grades, and 3- Reading Comprehension Strategies. All of these have been fun to work on together, but I’m especially excited about […]

Learning the Alphabet – FREE Letter Y Printable Pack

Learning the Alphabet - FREE Letter Y Printable Pack - This Reading Mama

Letter Y of Learning the Alphabet is here! We’re almost finished. I can hardly believe it! If you’re new to This Reading Mama, these are printable ABC packs designed for kids who need to learn their letters and letter sounds. In each letter pack, you’ll find interactive learning activities {not just worksheets} for each letter of the alphabet plus […]

Letter Y Book List – Books that Feature Letter Y

Books that Feature Letter Yy - Letter Y Book List - This Reading Mama

If you’re working on the tricky sound of y, this letter y book list has a few books that feature the letter y’s initial sound and are fun to read. We also have a couple of FREE letter y packs that may help your little one to learn the sound of y. Learning the Alphabet […]