Learning the Alphabet – FREE Letter T Printable Pack

Learning the Alphabet- FREE Letter T Printable Pack - This Reading Mama

Today, I’m sharing our FREE Letter T Printable Pack from Learning the Alphabet. {The free download link is found at the end of this post.} If you’re new to Learning the Alphabet, feel free to read our introduction post plus see the printables in action. You can also find our collection of the FREE ABC Printable […]

A Reading Log Kids Can Color

FREE Reading Logs Kids Can Color - This Reading Mama

Summer reading. You just knew I couldn’t go without posting about it, didn’t you? After all, as I’ve posted before, research has shown that kids can lose up to 60% of what they’ve learned if we take a complete break. Wow! I want my kids to GROW as readers this summer, not regress. This summer, […]

Sounding Out Short Vowel Words {CVC Unfold and Blend}

Sounding Out Short Vowel Words -CVC Words - FREE foldables - This Reading Mama

Many times, kids struggle with sounding out short vowel words. Even if the words are only three letters {also known as CVC words}, it can be very laborious. Sometimes, it’s because they aren’t developmentally ready, yet. Other times, they just need a little practice. And still other times, more tricks are needed, which you can read about […]

Long Vowel Spelling Game (CVCe Words) – Spin and Spell

FREE Long Vowel Spin and Spell (CVCe words) - a Long Vowel Spelling Game - This Reading Mama

If you’ve read my blog for very long, you know that I believe strongly in taking the time for spelling instruction. Yeah, that dreaded word. Spelling. But spelling doesn’t have to be boring and dry. It can actually be pretty hands-on and dare I say it…fun. Spelling games, like our Word Bump! games, always make […]

Learning the Alphabet: FREE Letter S Printable Pack

Learning the Alphabet - FREE Letter S Printable Pack - This Reading Mama

Welcome back to Learning the Alphabet, printable packs designed to help you teach letters and letter sounds to kids. Whether your child is 2 or 3, 6 or 7, these printable packs contains hands-on, interactive activities that kids will enjoy. I know my very active 3 year old has enjoyed them {when I find the […]

How Science Can Help Improve Reading Skills

How Science Can Help Improve Reading Skills - This Reading Mama

We all want to improve reading skills with our kids. Whether you’re a parent, teacher, or homeschooler, improving kids reading skills is of high priority. And did you know that doing a little science has the potential of improving reading, writing, and spelling skills as well? Plus, it’s kind of fun. *This post contains affiliate […]

NEW Short Vowel Activity Pack – SALE!

Short Vowel Activity Pack - This Reading Mama

Most all the printables you can find here at This Reading Mama are free. I’m a little addicted to making them and have two pages for our free printables: Preschool Printables and Elementary Printables. And while it’s nice to have all those freebies, sometimes you may just looking for one thing. And today, if it’s fun […]

FREE Short Vowel Playdough Mats {CVC Words}

Short Vowel Playdough Mats - 5 FREE Spelling Mats - This Reading Mama

Is your child working on beginning and ending sounds or short vowel sounds? Maybe you have a small group in your classroom that needs some extra work on short vowels? Then these FREE Short Vowel Playdough Mats with CVC words are the perfect match for you {download at the END of this post}! *This post contains affiliate […]

Sight Word Paint, Write and Tally

Sight Word Paint-Write-Tally - This Reading Mama

Painting is a staple at our house. I contain it in the kitchen {easy clean up}, but it’s a great quiet time activity that the kids enjoy. We’ve done several activities with watercolor paint, like our Crayon Resist Sight Words and our Hidden Phonics Word Search activities. Today, I’m sharing one that has been a favorite with […]

Learning the Alphabet – FREE Letter R Printable Pack

Learning the Alphabet - FREE Letter R Printable Pack - This Reading Mama

We’re on Letter R this week as we post our free ABC printable packs from Learning the Alphabet in order of the alphabet. I do not, however, introduce the alphabet in ABC order. And if you don’t either, the bundle pack would be a great place to get all 26 letters so you can do […]