Tic-Tac-Do Spelling Words Board

Tic-Tac-Do Spelling Words Board - This Reading Mama

Spelling words. Not always a fun subject for kids or teachers. That’s why I love to collect and share hands-on spelling ideas and spelling tools to freshen things up a bit. While we focus on word patterns in phonics each week, my kids also learn new sight words. And this year, we’re starting off with […]

FREE Long Vowel Wall Charts

FREE Long Vowel Wall Cards -square - This Reading Mama

If you have children or students who are ready to move past short vowels to long vowels, these long vowel wall charts are the perfect visual reminder of the long vowel sounds! Similar to our Short Vowel Wall Charts, you can hang them up near a literacy center or near a child’s desk. These work particularly well for […]

Phonics Word Lists – Cheat Sheets for Short & Long Vowels

Phonics Word Lists - FREE Cheat Sheets for Short and Long Vowels - This Reading Mama

One of my favorite ways to help kids become better readers and spellers is to help them see that words are related, often by spelling pattern. And that’s exactly what these free phonics word lists help kids do. They are a great tool for spelling and reading! These short and long vowel word lists were created for my […]

Alphabet Worksheets – Activity Pages from A to Z

Alphabet Worksheets2 - FREE A to Z Activity Pages from This Reading Mama

Alphabet worksheets from A to Z. Yes; you read it correctly. I know it probably seems strange to read that word in a title on my blog, seeing that I really don’t make or use a ton of worksheets with my younger kids. But my 3.5 year old has really enjoyed using these {1-2 worksheets a […]

Independent Activities Choice Board {FREE}

Independent Activities Choice Board {FREE} - This Reading Mama

If you teach multiple children at home or in a school setting, you know how valuable and needed independent activities are. I don’t really see how you can teach multiple children on different levels without having some independent activities for kids to be doing while you’re teaching other students. Last year, my oldest son drew […]

Back to School Amazon Gift Card DOUBLE Giveaway

Back to School Amazon Double Gift Card giveaway

Yep. It’s back to school time. And there’s nothing like a gift card to help you get in the mood! An Amazon gift card is even better! TWO readers will win a $25 gift card to Amazon.     Want to enter to win? It’s open worldwide and ends on Wednesday, August 26th. Enter via […]

Fall Themed Cube Inserts {FREE!}

10 FREE Fall Themed Cube Inserts - This Reading Mama

Dice. Most kids love them. Add dice to an activity, like spelling or handwriting, and it can bring a somewhat boring activity to life. Add some rolling cubes and you’ve got an even sweeter deal! These fall themed cube inserts are the perfect way to mix in some fun to almost any learning activity.   […]

Building Short Vowel Words {with Blends and Digraphs}

Short Vowel Build-a-Word {FREE} - This Reading Mama

Magnetic letters are such a hands-on and frugal way to get kids spelling words. That’s why I’ve created lots of spelling mats for magnetic letters. So far, I’ve made mats for the most common beginning sounds, simple short vowel words, and long vowel {CVCe} words. And today, we’re building short vowel words with blends and […]

Alphabet Letter Mazes {with Different Letter Fonts}

Alphabet Letter Mazes with Different Fonts - This Reading Mama

We have lots of alphabet resources at This Reading Mama! I currently have two young ones at home who are working on their letters, both at different levels. NSis {age 3} is still exploring with Learning the Alphabet and MBug {age 5} is finishing up Reading the Alphabet. To add a little more fun to letter […]

18 Teaching Supplies on a Tight Budget

18 Teaching Supplies for a Tight Budget - This Reading Mama

Chances are, if you are a teacher {in the classroom or at home}, you aren’t rolling in the dough. I know. Complete shocker. Budget cuts for classroom teachers often mean less teaching supplies provided. And many times, homeschoolers teach on one income. My goal today is to share some teaching supplies you can use on […]