Learning the Alphabet – Letter O Printable Pack

Learning the Alphabet - FREE Letter O Printable Pack - This Reading Mama

Welcome back to Learning the Alphabet, FREE printable letter packs that will help kids learn their letters and letter sounds in a hands-on way. You can read more about Learning the Alphabet and see lots of images of these packs in action in our introductory post; or purchase all 26 letters + bonus material in […]

Stamping Sight Words

Stamping Sight Words - low prep and easy - This Reading Mama

When you are teaching multiple children, whether in a classroom setting or at home, low prep and simple activities are a MUST for your sanity. That’s why I’ve come to love this VERY simple, low prep activity of stamping sight words. Stopping to take the time to spell words can help kids become better readers. […]

Books with a Clear Problem and Solution

Books that Have a Clear Problem and Solution Text Structure complied by This Reading Mama

When teaching kids how to comprehend and/or write fiction text, often times it’s good to start with books and stories that have a clear problem and solution text structure. This means that the story line introduces characters and a problem at the beginning –> the character(s) try to solve the problem in the middle, which […]

Phoneme Counting Cards

FREE Phoneme Counting Cards - This Reading Mama

Phoneme. Kind of sounds like a foreign word, doesn’t it? Basically, a phoneme is an individual sound in a word. Some phoneme sounds are simple, like /b/, while others are a little more complicated, like /sh/. Learning to listen for and manipulate phonemes {also called “phonemic awareness”} is a vitally important skill needed for reading. It’s […]

Learning the Alphabet – Letter N Printable Pack

Learning the Alphabet - FREE Letter N Printable Pack - This Reading Mama

Today, I’m excited to share our Letter N printable pack for Learning the Alphabet, hands-on printables designed for kids who are ready to learn their letters and letter sounds. If you’re new to Learning the Alphabet, I’d encourage you to read our introduction post, which goes into lots of detail, including a ton of pictures […]

Homophone Spelling Charts

FREE Homophone Spelling Charts - This Reading Mama

Quite often, my 3rd grader will ask when spelling/writing, “Which way do I spell it?” when it comes to those tricky homophones like there, their, and they’re. This past Valentine’s we explored homophones a bit, so he’s well aware that there are different ways to spell some words. To help him remember a bit better, […]

Pattern Block Read, Build and Write Mats

FREE Pattern Block - Read Build and Write Mats - This Reading Mama

As often as I can, I like to integrate literacy with other subjects. Not only does this help to cover all the learning objectives a little faster in the school year, but I think it also makes learning a little more interesting for kids. So, I took Homeschool Creations’ Read! Build! and Write! idea and added […]

FREE Syllable Counting Cards

Syllable Counting Cards {FREE}  This Reading Mama

The ability to count syllables is an important part of phonological awareness, which is a pre-reading skill. And these FREE Syllable Counting Cards {download at the END of this post} are a great way to make counting syllables visible to kids. These are different than our syllable clip cards, as they get kids using manipulatives to […]

Learning the Alphabet – Letter M Printable Pack

Learning the Alphabet - FREE Letter M Printable Pack - This Reading Mama

We are now officially half way through our Learning the Alphabet FREE printable ABC packs as we share our FREE Letter M Printable Pack today {free download at the END of this post.} I can hardly believe it! If you’re teaching a child letters and letter sounds, from tots through K/1st grades, these packs are designed to […]

Book List for Asking Questions

Book List for Asking Questions - This Reading Mama

*This post contains affiliate links. One important comprehension strategy we want to teach our kids is asking questions. Questions like, “I wonder why…?” or “What does ___ mean?” keep us wanting to read to find out answers. Our curiosity compels us to find the answers. Today, I’m sharing a book list for asking questions. These […]