FREE Short Vowel Sounds Clip Cards

Short Vowel Clip Cards - FREE - This Reading Mama

Want a great way to stretch a child’s ear, also known as phonemic awareness, for hearing those middle short vowel sounds? Try these FREE short vowel sounds clip cards! {download found at the END of this post} Kids are typically ready for identifying the middle, short vowel sounds, AFTER they can hear and identify beginning and/or […]

FREE Long Vowel CVCe Spell & Stamp Mats

Long Vowel CVCe Spell & Stamp - FREE - This Reading Mama

My son {6 years old} is really beginning to get the concept of the CVCe long vowel pattern. He’s one of these kids that cracked the code early, mostly on his own, and is still cracking the code of reading. He loves to read and is highly interested. Woohoo! {By the way, this has not […]

Learning the Alphabet – Letter K Printable Pack

Learning the Alphabet - FREE Letter K Printable Pack - This Reading Mama

We just returned from a fabulous weekend at Teach Them Diligently and drove for part of the night to get home for my hubby’s 40th birthday today! Whew. While half the family still sleeps, I’m getting this pack up really quick. *This post contains affiliate links. If you’re not familiar with Learning the Alphabet, it’s […]

Digraph Sorting Picture Cards {for Beginning and Ending}

Beginning and Ending Digraph Sorting

These beginning and ending digraph picture cards {FREE download is at the END of this post} are perfect for some digraph sorting! Challenge kids to sort by two sounds, four sounds or even more. This activity is highly adaptable to meet the needs of the kids you teach. And that’s the beauty of picture cards. They […]

Teaching Kids to Summarize using Basic Signal Words

Teaching Kids to Summarize Using Basic Signal Words - FREE printable - This Reading Mama

Welcome back to our LAST week of our Reading Comprehension Strategies Series. Can you believe it? We’ve explored quite a few comprehension strategies in this series by SHOWING how to introduce them and release them to your child. {And I’m not finished with this series just yet. I have a little project I’m working on that […]

Ready to Read – Reading Readiness Signs and Checklist

Ready to Read - Reading Readiness Signs and Checklist

How will I know when my child is ready to read? What are the reading readiness signs and skills that show my child is ready to read? You may have wondered these questions a time or two before. Today, we’re going to explore a few readiness signs and I have a free, printable checklist {at […]

Learning the Alphabet – Letter J Printable Pack

Learning the Alphabet - FREE Letter J Pack

We’re moving along with the alphabet…already to our Letter J Pack of Learning the Alphabet. {Find the free download link at the end of this post.} If you’re new to Learning the Alphabet, I encourage you to read our introductory post. It’s packed with information and images of these printable activities in action! You can […]

Beginning and Ending Digraph Clip Cards

Beginning and Ending Digraph Clip Cards- FREE - This Reading Mama

If your child needs some extra practice with digraphs, these digraph clip cards should be of help. Like I mentioned before, my Kindergartner and I have been working through blends and digraphs. While blends have come easier, digraphs have provided more of a challenge. For one, blends are easier to hear as they are two […]

FREE Blends and Digraphs Chart

Common Blends and Digraphs Chart for Kids {FREE}

Words that have blends and digraphs can be a little tricky for kiddos. Typically kids are ready for them when they can read {and spell most} CVC words. Reading and spelling words with blends and digraphs requires kids to listen very closely to each individual sound in words {called phonemes.} And sometimes it helps to […]

Using Fables to Teach Synthesizing

synthesizing lesson

Welcome back to our 10-week Reading Comprehension Series. Can you believe that we’re on week 9 today?!? Me neither! If you’ve missed any of the lessons or would like to read the background for this series, I encourage you to read my introductory post. Today, The Measured Mom is demonstrating a FABULOUS lesson on synthesizing. […]