7 Creative Ways to Practice Handwriting

7 Creative Ways to Practice Handwriting

We want our kids to practice handwriting. And while practicing with handwriting pages is a good place to start, we need to make sure we incorporate some creative handwriting practice every once in a while to keep them interested. Today, I’m sharing 7 creative ways to practice handwriting, from learning formation of letters to cursive handwriting […]

Reading the Alphabet {5 weeks in}

Reading the Alphabet 5 weeks in

My son was one of those who, at the age of 3.5, had pretty much self-taught himself his letters and sounds. Yes, we worked on them and played with them, but I had to do very little teaching. He just “got it”. That’s why I created Reading the Alphabet. It’s designed for kids who know […]

Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies {Fix-Up Strategies}

Reading Comprehension Strategies {Fix-Up Strategies} - This Reading Mama

If you’ve ever taught a struggling reader alongside a confident reader, you’ll notice some stark differences. While both come to words they don’t know, the confident reader is more likely to try different reading strategies to figure out the unknown words. Often times, the struggling reader freezes because he either doesn’t have the strategies or isn’t […]

Handwriting Notebooks with LOTS of FREE Resources!

Handwriting Notebooks ~ FREE Resources for tots-preschoolers-elementary

While handwriting practice may just seem like busy work to some, I would argue that it’s not. Busy work is work that is given to kids to just to keep them busy {hence the name “busy work”}. Handwriting practice, on the other hand, serves a real purpose. And handwriting skills, like most new skills, need to […]

New After School Link Up!


Last week, there were several posts that caught my eye at the after school link up. Today, I’d like to feature them so that you can take a peek as well.     What Do We Do All Day? shared a list of fiction and non-fiction magazines for kids. I saw lots of favorites on […]

Pumpkin Cut it Out! Pack {FREE}

FREE Pumpkin Cut it Out! Pack

Seriously. Whenever Miss MBug {age 4} sees me working on a Cut it Out! Pack, she goes bananas, “Please, please, please, mommy. Print it off right now so I can do it!” Our new Pumpkin Cut it Out! Pack was no exception. She could barely wait for the printer to print off the pages. I […]

Pumpkin Poetry Pack {FREE}

Pumpkin Poetry Pack {FREE}  This Reading Mama

Today, we’re sharing our FREE Pumpkin Poetry Pack, perfect for K-2nd. If you’re not familiar with these, they feature original poetry by me and clip art from my 3rd grader. Younger children may also enjoy the poetry and activities, but may need extra support to do them. MBug (age 4) loves to watch us and sometimes […]

Long Vowels Roll-a-Word Activity {Freebie!}

Long Vowels Roll a Word Activity {FREE}  This Reading Mama

Spelling long vowels can be tricky. I’ve studied about this for years. I’ve told this to kids in my classroom and then to those students I tutored in reading. But now I’m living it and telling it to my own 3rd grade son. We’ve worked through reading the long vowel patterns, but spelling them has been […]

Word Family Blackout

Word Family Blackout {FREE}  This Reading Mama

Games. They are definitely a favorite at our house. Especially when I can bring games into learning! Our Word Family Blackout game {FREE download at the end of post} was no exception. It features word family practice for short a, short e, short i, short o, short u and some mixed vowel word family review. […]

Beginning Sounds Listening Game {with Digraphs}

Beginning Sounds Listening Game {Free}

Helping kids hear beginning sounds is one of the first ways we can help kids apply their phonics knowledge to real words. Typically, kids can hear and isolate the first sound. Sometimes, even the last sound in words can come first. This is seen especially if children are given free reign to spell words on […]