20+ Car Games and Activities {For Long Car Trips}

Alphabet Car Games for Upper and Lowercase Letters {FREE} - This Reading Mama

If you’ve ever traveled with kids {even a short distance}, you know that it is a challenge for sure! And when you’re traveling longer distances over school breaks, having a few car games and activities in-hand helps the time pass faster AND makes the car ride a little more fun! Here are 20+ car games, […]

Christmas Scavenger Hunt {Printable BINGO Boards}

Free Christmas Scavenger Hunt BINGO - This Reading Mama

My kids like to go look at the Christmas lights every year. We have a couple of elaborate displays close to our house that the kids “ooh” and “ahh” over. This week, I suggested that we go look at Christmas lights one evening as a way to pass a little time before bedtime and I […]

Pine Cone Christmas Trees Craft

Pine Cone Christmas Trees - great for fine motor - This Reading Mama

Confession: craft time probably doesn’t happen often enough in our home. But this time of year has a way of bringing out the “crafter” in me. So, as my son and I were admiring the large pine cones under a neighbor’s tree the other day, I thought pine cone Christmas trees! We could totally do […]

Descriptive Writing Graphic Organizer {FREE}

Descriptive Writing Graphic Organizer {FREE} 2 - This Reading Mama

As a private reading tutor, one of the things I noticed was that while many of my upper grade students could comprehend fiction texts well, nonfiction was more difficult. Some of this had to do with the lack of exposure to nonfiction, but the majority of the problem came from the way that nonficiton text is organized. […]

Christmas Activities and Printables

Christmas Activities and Printables - This Reading Mama

Today, I’m rounding up our Christmas activities and FREE printables and sharing them all in one place! Woohoo for easy searching. These make for great last-minute activities leading up to Christmas. Almost every idea is one that can easily be used over Christmas break, when kids are off from school and sometimes bring out the phrase, “I’m bored.” […]

Why My Kids Don’t Make a Christmas List

Why my Kids Do Not Make a Christmas List and What We Do Instead

I am taking a little break today from my normal posting routine of free printables and hands-on learning activities to share something from the heart. Something that’s been on my heart for a few years. Something that is brought to the forefront more and more as my kids age. Today, I am simply sharing how […]

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Christmas

Free Printable Coloring Pages for Christmas - Color by Letter - This Reading Mama

In our home, we go through a lot of coloring pages. Although I’ve never been one to push coloring, my 4 year old and Kindergartner LOVE to do it. This year, I’ve created some free printable coloring pages for Christmas, similar to our Summer Coloring Pages and Fall/Thanksgiving Coloring Pages, specifically for my 4 year old. […]

Christmas Math Games with Dice {FREE!}

Christmas Math Games with Dice - FREE Printable Pack - This Reading Mama

I don’t know about your house, but my kids are wild about dice. Word Bump! has been such a hit over the last year. I seems that if I incorporate a die/dice into a learning objective in any subject area, it becomes a game to them. That’s one reason I created this FREE pack of […]

Christmas Poetry Pack {FREE}

Christmas Poetry Pack {FREE} - This Reading Mama

I’m so excited to share our Christmas Poetry Pack {FREE download at the end of this post} with you today! It’s FREE, and is one of many including our Back to School Pack, Apple Pack, Fall Leaves Pack, Pumpkin Pack, and Thanksgiving Pack. These packs are most appropriate for K-2nd grade, but preschoolers may also enjoy […]

FREE Nativity Pattern Block Mats

Nativity Pattern Block Mats - This Reading Mama

Since my kiddos had so much fun with our Thanksgiving Pattern Block Mats, I decided to make them some Nativity Pattern Block Mats to celebrate Christmas {download link found at the end of this post.} You can find even more free Christmas mats at PreKinders. *This post contains affiliate links. I love the commercial side of […]