FREE BOB Book Printables: Set 1, Book 1 & 2


Do you have young readers who enjoy the BOB Books?  I’m thrilled to be linking up with five AMAZING bloggers to bring you some FREE BOB Book printables!  {To read background information on the BOB Books, click here.}


Today’s FREEBIES compliment the readers from Bob Books, Set 1 & Set 2:

BOB S1B1-2 Cover Pg

In my set, I have…

AT Word Family Pocket Chart Activity

AT Word Family Pocket Chart-matching words to pictures

Flip a Word-AT Family

AT Word Family Flip a Word

AT Word Family Puzzles

AT Word Family Puzzles

AT and AD Roll a Word

AT and AD Roll a Word Activities-for use with education cubes

Click to download the BOB Book Printables from This Reading Mama (by the way, two of these activities come directly from my FREE Reading the Alphabet Curriculum)

For more FREE BOB Printables for Book 1 & 2 , check out:

For even MORE FREE BOB Book Printables, click HERE!

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  1. Both my kids learned to read using the Bob Books – they’re fabulous. I’ve tweeted about this post. :-)

  2. These are really cute and perfect for my little guy! Thank you!

  3. I cannot thank you and your blogging friends enough for these great Bob book resources. I was at my whits end with my 5 year old. He knows his letters and sounds, but when it came to blending letters to read words, he was resistant and would shut down. It was YOUR “AT Word Family Puzzles” printable that broke the ice! I put the set of first letter cards scattered in a pile on one side of the room, the middle letters in another little pile in the center of the room, then the last letter’d cards on the other side of the room. I did a demo first, pulling cards that match the puzzle image from each group, then yelled (and I mean yelled) out the sound each first letter as I RAN past each card. He couldn’t wait to give it a try. He was running around in circles, and before long, he’d READ all of the words in the game. Between your wonderful images and puzzles, and my idea to make the game loud and fast, my son is now reading! We’re only in book 2 of the first set of BOB books, but he’s not hesitant like he was previously.

    Again, I can’t tell you how thankful that you and your bloggy friends have provided these wonderful resources for FREE. There’s so much, that we don’t get tired of the activities, because for each book, we choose different ones! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Darci the STEM Mom


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