Winter, Snow & Snowmen Links

It’s here.  Winter!  If your weather is anything like ours, it’s been C.O.L.D.!

Here are a few winter/snow links I’ve found online.  These are mainly links for NJoy (3 years old), but I have a few for ALuv (6 years) as well.  We may or may not get to all of these, but I get teacher bumps (goose bumps) just looking at them all. :)


ALUV So far, this is what I have found.  I still haven’t searched through all the sites I’d like to for him just yet, but I will later today or tomorrow.  I also have some things I’m going to try and create for him, too.  I recently discovered, quite by accident, how to mess with clipart in PowerPoint, so we’ll see if I can get some printables made….I’ll share when  if I do.

  • Winter Themed Ideas for Kindergarten
  • Here’s a site that my mom showed me last year that ALuv became addicted to :).  He’s already at it this year, too.  It really is amazing.  Even I have a hard time getting off of it!  It’s called Make-a-Flake.

Thank you for joining This Reading Mama on a literacy journey!



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