The ABC’s of Learning Toys and Manipulatives: F-J

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The ABCs of Learning Toys and Manipulatives: Day 2~ F-J | This Reading MamaIf you’re new to This Reading Mama, WELCOME!  I’m on day 2 of a Kid Blogger Network Series I’m calling The ABC’s of Learning Toys and Manipulatives.  If you missed Day 1, where I posted learning toy and manipulative ideas for letters A-E, click on the image above or here to get caught up!  Today, I get to post ideas for the letters F-J.


Words highlighted in blue are actual links and will take you to a product page or a post where you can see the item being used in action.


F is for…

Fisher Price Fish Bowl

  • FISH BOWL– one of NSis’ (10 months) favorites right now
  • FISHING POLE– make your own or purchase one like this
  • FLOWER PEDALS-real or silk (submitted by a Facebook reader)
  • FOAM

photo of folding lap desk for schoolwork

  • FOLDING LAP DESKS– my oldest three got these for Christmas last year. I cannot say enough good things about these collapsible desks. They are awesome!
  • FOOD real and pretend, my kids (even ALuv at 7 years) like to cut up the pretend food
  • FOOD DYE-squeeze drops into water (fine motor) mixing primary colors to make secondary colors
  • FRIDGE TOYS– We have about any fridge toy that Leap Frog makes and LOVE all of them.  I have rotated ours to the dishwasher, microwave, and even a metal cookie tray.


G is for…

silly glasses

  • GLASSESthese are great to wear for play or to “read” or “write” the room
  • GLOBE I’d love to have one like this, but currently this inflatable globe works just as well for us
  • GLUE


H is for…

  • HATS
  • HOLE PUNCHER– great for fine motor and for creating your own lacing cards, use a regular one or a shaped hole punch
  • HOOLA HOOPS use for a gross motor game or overlap to create a Venn Diagram
  • HOPSCOTCH– buy one like this or make your own!


 I is for…

  • ICE dump a bunch of ice outside on a hot day for some fun play time with dump trucks, scoops, or buckets
  • ICE CREAM SCOOPSthese were instrumental in teaching MBug (currently 2.5 years old) her colors

adding numbers to ice tray

  • ICE TRAYS- use regular ice trays and spruce them up by adding numbers, letters, or colors or use different-shaped ice trays (molds) to fit your theme for that letter
  • iPAD– Some of our favorite apps for letter learning are: Teach Me Toddler, Junior Bingo, Preschool Adventure, Wee Sing, iWrite Words, Starfall ABCs, Witty Bits (if I must be honest, the songs are annoying and addictive, but it teaches letters sounds and letter names, FREE, and my two preschoolers LOVE it), and Magnetic ABC (my 1st grader uses this one quite a bit as well).  We have the full version of all of these, but many of them offer lite versions for free.


J is for…

  • JARS– reuse those baby food jars or peanut butter jars
  • JUMBLES– by Crayola; these are perfect for NSis, but the boys like to build with them
  • JUMP ROPE– I totally love that this one comes with 101 jump rope rhymes!!


Check out all the bloggers in the ABCs of series posting about literacy!  I know I will. :)

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