Reading the Alphabet: Letter P (Lesson 3)

Reading the Alphabet, free preschool reading curriculum

Here we are at Lesson 3 with Letter P.  Click on the image above to see Lesson 1 (Letter T) and Lesson 2 (Letter F).  EACH lesson from this curriculum has similar activities. Lessons are designed to be taught in this order because they build upon one another.

All of the activities original to This Reading Mama that you’ll see in this post can be downloaded for FREE as one zip file.


Letter Pp Reader: NJoy chose the black and white version of the Pp Book this week (saved me on some ink!).

reading letter p bookFirst, we read together. Then, he colored it…a couple of pages each day. {He’s still not the biggest fan of coloring, as it requires his “out of the box” personality to stay within lines, so I only had him do a couple each day to prevent scribble scrabble from going all over every page.  And for the most part, he did well with this!}

building sentences in pocket chart

Pocket Chart Pp Reader: This is one of NJoy’s favorite activities.  He wants to do it all by himself.  So cute!


see sight word song

SEE Sight Word Song: NJoy walks around the house, singing this song with the and see!  It’s sticking! :)

poke page with seeSEE Sight Word Poke Pagethe pencil grip is beginning to form…at least sometimes

sight word maze with seeSight Word Maze: I place these mazes into plastic sleeve protectors and then put them in his handwriting notebook.  He likes to do them over and over.

sight word search for seeSight Word Search– find see on each row.  He struggled with this activity this particular day.  I’m not sure why.

word wall for preschoolerAt the end of the week, we sang the SEE sight word song one more time and placed the new sight word on his sentence strip word wall.


picture sorting initial P and FSorting P and F Pictures by Initial Sound in the Pocket Chart: The F pictures come from Lesson 2.

Syllable Count & Clip: This activity was a big hit because he loves using clothes pins.

clapping syllablesFirst, say the picture’s name.  Say it again while clapping for each syllable.

clothes pins and syllablesClip the correct number of syllables. {Don’t you just love the bruised shin?}

rhyming cut and paste activityCut & Paste Rhyming Activity (with pot):  I cut these out before we do this activity as he’s not quite there with his scissor skills, yet.


pizza print awareness activityPizza Print Awareness: He drew a pepperoni pizza…the boy loves to draw circles…and then he glued the sentence down on the paper.  If you need further directions, you can view my guest post; which gives you a step-by-step guide on how to do this activity.

P is for PERIOD: Each time we read a book together, I made a big deal about the periods.  We also discussed that the dot on the top of the i and j are not periods.


Tracing page for letter PP is for Pig Tracer Page- You may recognize this page from my FREE PreK Farm Pack.  This tracer page is placed in his Handwriting Notebook so he can do it again.

Cutting Practice & Pattern Cards: This activity is a 2 for 1 (I love 2 for 1’s)!

cutting practice with letter pThe child cuts apart the strips,

making patterns with p cardsthen works on extending patterns with the cards.  I start the pattern, he finishes to the end of the sentence strip.

Below are Carisa’s Handwriting pages from her Raising Rock Stars Preschool.  They are AWESOME!!  (Link is on the lesson plan.)

tracing letter pTracing Letter Pp in his Handwriting Notebook

p tracing page with picturesMore Pp Tracing- he really likes to “trace” the pictures, too!


roll die, count to 20Letter Pp Grid: Roll the die, count the dots, and put that many pieces of popcorn on the grid…reward yourself by eating popcorn afterward :).   I first saw these grids on PreKinders.  She has a lot of cute themed ones on her website!

numbers 10-20, do a dot paintPiggy Numbers: (also from my PreK Farm Pack) pick a number card, read the number, and dot the number.  There are 2 versions on the download: #1-10 & #10-20.

color by number for letter p

We used a color by number printable from Carisa’s ABC Color By Number printables.  These are super cute and age-appropriate.  The link is also on the lesson plan.

I hope you’re hanging in there for the ride…and that your child is enjoying these lessons.  I’d love to hear from you if you’re trying them out.  Questions.  Comments.  Suggestions.  Encouragement.  Feel free to email me or send a message on FB.

All of the activities original to This Reading Mama can be found on this zip file.


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  1. I just wanted to let you know that I shared this series with several local homeschooling moms recently and they LOVE it! If my children were younger I would use your program with kids. Thank you, as always, for sharing!

  2. Excited to combine this with the princess pack frpm 1+1+1=1!

  3. Really enjoying this series with my daughter so far! She also goes around singing the spellings songs :) I am absolutely amazed by how much she is picking up from it!

  4. I am so glad I came across your program. After spending many hours searching for some help with doing home pre-schooling I finally found your lessons. My son loves this. He asks to do more everyday. Thank you so much for sharing all your hard work!

  5. I’ve looked several times and can’t seem to find Carisa’s traceable number sheets that you were referring to. Could you possibly upload the link? I purchased your program for my son and we love it!

    Thank you!

    • Click on the link in the post and once you’re there, scroll down to the blue rectangle box and click on the letter Pp. Her tracing pages are in her Pp lesson. Also, if you’ve purchased my pack, there are tracing pages I’ve made in that pack. :) Hope that helps.

  6. Thank you so much for your Reading the Alphabet. It is very helpful for my preschool student teaching in January and February! This goes along with the Creative Curriculum that I am so familiar with.

  7. Unfortunately, another lesson is invalid :(
    The lessons look GREAT!!

  8. So excited I came across this curriculum for my 4 year old daughter. She absolutely loves all the activities, and I appreciate all your hard work and big heart to share. Thank you!!!


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