Reading the Alphabet: Letter E {Lesson 25}

Reading the Alphabet, free preschool reading curriculumYou are reading the post for Letter E of Reading the Alphabet.  If you want to learn more about Reading the Alphabet, you can click here or on the image above to read the introduction and previous lessons.

Lesson 25 {letter E} features an emergent reader {color or black/white} and introduces the word little.  Keep scrolling for the link to download!

We JUST finished working through Letter E of Reading the Alphabet!  Hence the reason I’m posting a day late.  Norovirus has hit our home HARD.   We’re on day 12 of it and I’m ready for it to GO!

On to happier things…here are a few shots I got of NJoy {currently 4.5 years old} doing his letter E activities.

photo of Coloring Letter E Emergent Reader | This Reading Mama

NJoy still asks for me to print off the black and white version of the emergent reader.  He uses the Color Picture Cards to color in his book.  I enjoy the quiet while he colors. :)  I don’t know about you, but with 4 kids my house is rarely quiet.

photo of Tracing the Letter E He really enjoys tracing these pages from Carisa’s Raising Rock Stars Preschool Curriculum.   He gets so excited when he sees me inserting it into his Handwriting Notebook.

photo of rainbow writing, sight words

This week, he did some rainbow writing with his poke page then asked for me to take his picture.

photo of cutting and rebuilding sight words

I turned away for a little bit to work with my 1st grader and when I came to check on him, he was cutting apart his word and rebuilding it on the floor!

photo of Initial Picture and Sound Sort | This Reading MamaHe did not want me anywhere near him when he was doing his initial picture sort, so I just took a picture from a distance. :)

He fought me on doing his elephant number activity with the dice.  So, I capitalized on his recent interest with adding numbers {you can read more about that in my guest post on 1+1+1=1} and here’s what he did instead:

photo of using manipulatives to add and stamp numbers

I wrote out number equations. He used the family counters to solve, found the number on the elephant, then placed do-a-dot paint on the number.

photo of writing number equations

After one round together, he wanted to the activity all over again.  But this time, HE wanted to write the equations. I’m not sure how successful he was as he assured me he could do it by himself. 😉

photo of little and big size sorting

Instead of doing a print awareness activity this week, I created a concept sort for him.  Since his sight word was little, I used this word in his headings: Little and Not Little.

To download all of the activities in Lesson 25: Letter E, you can click HERE!


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