Pumpkin Reading & Writing Activities

These are the pumpkin activities I did with ALuv this past week while NJoy worked on P is for Pumpkins:

Pumpkin Reading & Writing Activities (integrated with Science and Social Studies)

1. IT’S PUMPKIN TIME! by Zoe Hall

ALuv & I talked about a pumpkin’s needs by reading It’s Pumpkin Time!

After reading, I introduced this poem that I wrote.  He found a few of his Word Wall words first (one of the words we were working on was what) and then we read it together a few times.

Then he cut out & glued the poem in the middle of a sheet…

and drew/labeled the four things that pumpkins need all around it.  Of course, he left the picture for air blank because he said you can’t see air.

Speaking of poems, here is a simple poem that I wrote last year for him and posted in our kitchen.  He already knew his color words and the sight words I, see, a, and on.  He was working on the sight word my and short a words.

PUMPKIN, PUMPKIN by Jeanne Titherington (this activity took 2 days to complete)

After reading Pumpkin, Pumpkin, ALuv used these sequencing cards (which I absolutely love because they are real photos) to

first sequence

then match the pictures to words.

After matching,  he started his own sequencing booklet,

labeling each page (seed, seedling, vine, flower, green pumpkin and pumpkin)

then drawing a picture to go with each page.

He used the -ing chunk I posted above his desk to help him spell growing, in his title,

Growing a Pumpkin. (sorry, a little blurry)

3. THE PUMPKIN BOOK by Gail Gibbons

Before reading, I asked ALuv to listen for ways that the book said people use pumpkins (setting a purpose).

After reading, we divided the page into fourths and he told me four ways people use pumpkins while I drew the pictures (he had just recovered from a melt-down earlier that day over drawing pictures, so I drew these and he colored).  He colored the pictures and labeled four ways that people use pumpkins: jack o lanterns, for sale, fair, & pumpkin “piy”.  He used the book to copy the words, except he couldn’t find pie so he sounded that one out. :)

Thank you for joining This Reading Mama on a literacy journey!


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