Helping Kids Read Longer Words {FREE Baseball-Themed Printable Pack}

Helping Kids Read Longer Words {free baseball-themed printable pack included} | This Reading Mama

Recently, I posted a freebie with reading strategies for helping kids read longer words. Today, I’d like to share a free baseball-themed printable pack to help kids read words that have inflected endings (particularly -ing and -ed). My son (currently in 2nd grade) had been doing well reading one-syllable words, but when it came to reading words in context with -ing or -ed added on, he began to question himself. The download link to the free printable pack is at the end of this post.

So, we spent a week studying just words that had the inflected endings of -ing and -ed. My goal was for him to be able to identify that base word in each of these words to help him decode the word faster. And because he likes baseball, I thought the theme of baseball would work well for him. And it did! I included in my pack is a 5-day lesson outline. Please feel free to adjust this lesson plan however you see fit for your learner. It is not meant to be rigid, but flexible.

Here are a few shots of ALuv with our Base Words Pack:

finding and writng the base word in words | This Reading Mama

On day 1 and 2, we worked on finding the base words within longer words (words that had -ing or -ed added to the end), something that he was struggling with in the context of reading.

free base word file folder game | This Reading Mama

On day 3 and 4, we played this base word file folder game. After spinning the spinner, you have to read, identify and spell the base word within words that have inflected endings in order to run the bases and score runs.

word hunt with inflected endings | This Reading Mama

And on day 5, he went on a word hunt, looking for words in his reading that had -ing and -ed endings. On the left side, he wrote the word and on the right side, he had to identify and write the base word.


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