H is for Heart: FREE Printables Included

I thought I’d go ahead and post the Valentine’s Day activities we did this week featuring H is for Heart, seeing that today is Valentine’s and all.

If you are looking for the next part of my Nonfiction series, I’ll post it tomorrow. :)

H Work

I introduced H’s sound with my H sound tub: it contains a hexagon, hair (cut off from a $1 store doll), a horn, horse, hippo, & a hat.

H tracing: he did very well with the capital H this week!

H Do-a-dotting with Valentine colors

FREEBIE Capital/Lower Case Do-a-dot Painting: He used red paint to dot the upper case H’s and pink to dot the lower case h’s

Heart Work

FREEBIE Colored Heart Sticker Sorting– we used foam stickers from the $1 store

FREEBIE Heart Poke Page-all of my kids are goo-goo over Erica’s letter poke pages (you can view her H one with this link), so I thought I’d make a heart-shaped one.  NJoy is using a toothpick to poke holes through the page around the perimeter of the heart-great for fine motor!

Heart Count 1-20

Prewriting– tracing the lines

Candy Heart Count: he used number stamps since he can’t write his numbers, yet.

Sweethearts Roll and Cover: I remembered (in the middle of our unit) that I had bought these heart dice last year after Valentine’s.  The kids all LOVED them, especially throwing them at each other!

Roll a Heart: great for reinforcing the dot patterns on a die!

MBug “helped” me match candy hearts by color; plus she got to eat a few!

ALuv needed some heart attention too, so I printed off a graph and recording sheet from here.  I really like her recording sheet…this was his first time using tally marks and he did rather well.  I printed this off her website last year.

ABC Review

Get the snail to the mailbox to deliver her Valentine’s-ABC order

He got this Melissa & Doug See and Spell for Christmas and LOVES it.  I only pull out three word “cards” at a time because there are words on the front and back of each.  He matches the letters and “reads” the words.

Heart Craft- A lesson in symmetry: each painted on half on the heart and then we “smooshed” the two sides together to reveal a symmetrically painted heart.

MBug’s first time painting!!

After almost every paint stroke, NJoy would ask me to fold his so he could see how the paint transferred.  It was like magic to him!

Here’s what all three kids’ looked like when done:

At the end of our study, we posted H is for Heart on NJoy’s Word Wall.

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