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I posted a week ago or so, showing the youtube ABC links that MBug likes to watch.  She is still a little obsessed with the Phonics Song 2; well, “obsessed” may not be a strong enough word! :) Lately, she also has taken to our pocket chart.  If I have something posted for ALuv or NJoy to do, she wants to take over.

toddler with pocket chartShe loves having control of the pointer and pointing to letters that she knows or taking the cards out of the pocket chart and playing with them (a.k.a. destroying them…especially if they’re not laminated).

So, I got this wild idea.  Why don’t I make (and laminate) her some ABC cards that will fit into the pocket chart?  Then she can take the cards in and out as she pleases.  Hmmm…then an even better idea struck me: Why don’t I make her ABC cards with pictures that coincide with her beloved youtube video?  So, I did! {And I made a few other activities in the pack as well. Included in the pack are pocket chart inserts and photo stacking block inserts for learning letters and letter sounds.}


FREE Alphabet Printables Pack

She woke up EARLY one morning (before I was really ready to see a child), so I thought I’d show them to her.

pointing to letters on the pocket chartShe asked for the pointer right away and started her work: “A is for apple; /a/-/a/- apple…”


a is for apple

learning letters and letter soundsShe wanted to make sure I knew that she’d found the letter A.

After a few minutes of enjoying it with her, I knew I needed some coffee and time for just me.  I retreated to the kitchen and came back to this:

free printable alphabet cards for the pocket chartYep, I’d say she liked them!

Download this FREE Alphabet Printable Pack by clicking HERE.


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I would encourage you to follow along in one or more of these ways so you don’t miss a thing!



  1. Another helpful and wonderful freebie! Thanks so much. I like how honest and real you are. Carolyn

  2. Those are great printables! Your daughter is so young-I am impressed that she is working on her reading skills! :)
    I found you on we teach.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes, I’ve been surprised at all my kids. They’ve all wanted to learn their letters early. So, I just go with it! :) By the way, I looked at your post on Nursery Rhymes…great post!! I’ll hop over to look at more later.

  3. These are awesome. Perfect for BOTH of my boys!!


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