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Four Seasons Pre-K/K Pack {FREE} | This Reading Mama

After reading The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree with my preschoolers during our apple unit, I realized that my almost 5 year old needed a bit more work on learning about the four seasons {like the characteristics of each and order}. So, with the start of fall upon us, I took some time to go back through my Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer Packs to create a New Four Seasons Pack!

This pack features 2 NEW emergent readers and accompanying phonological awareness, phonics, fine motor, and math skills. The activities are very similar to all the other PreK packs I’ve created as well as Reading the Alphabet. Several of the activities are designed for teaching multiple levels of instruction {ranging from toddlers to Kindergartners}.


Read Alouds to Accompany this Four Seasons Pack

7 Books About The Seasons


You can download both parts of this Pack below:



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  1. Betsy Brown says:

    Becky, thank you! This is a fabulous package. As much as I’d love to start on Monday as we are entering fall this weekend, I am getting a late start in science and we have to do our 5 senses first. I can’t wait to print and laminate to have these ready for mid October. Thank you! Betsy in Orlando

  2. This looks like a fantastic set of printables! I am very excited to show these to my daughter!

  3. thank you for this!

  4. Perfect for our 5 yr old grandson! Doing a unit study about the seasons with him and our 10 yr old son together. Every time I try to do something age appropriate for one, the other one wants my attention so I decided to do the seasons together. This will fit nicely with appropriate activities for the younger child to go with what I have for the older child.

  5. This looks great! Thank you so much!

  6. nuray sun says:

    Thank you soo much, this book looks amazing!


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