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FREE Blend Bingo Word Game

FREE Blend Bingo Word Game | This Reading MamaI’ve been posting free printables through the latest set of BOB Books {Set 4}, so I have blends on the mind! I thought it would be fun to create a BINGO game to practice all those blends introduced through those books, plus I’ve added a few more to the mix {link to free download is at the end of this post}.

Please note that this activity can be used as a stand-alone activity OR in conjunction with the BOB Books!

Included in the pack are picture cards for 36 blends and 6 different Blend BINGO game boards (for 2-6 players). The blends can be found at the beginning (such as stop) or at the end of words (last). You know your child is ready for this game when he can read short vowel words with blends {typical development would put that at beginning of 1st grade, but all children develop differently}.

What is a Blend~This Reading Mama

What is a Blend? You can find my definition in the picture above and you can download this free printable in any of the BOB Books, Set 4 packs.

PhonicsBINGOPackLooking for more Phonics BINGO games? Then, you may want to check out my 62-page Phonics BINGO Bundle Pack! You can purchase it for just $2.99. Click HERE or on the image above to read more.

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To download the FREE Blend Bingo Word Game, click HERE!


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  1. This is great, Becky! Thanks so much for generously sharing your printable! I featured your post as the Free Printable of the Day at the Living Montessori Now Facebook page and on Pinterest. :)

  2. Phyllis Ehresman says:

    A hundred thanks for sharing these. I am a retired teacher volunteering every day in a kindergarten class and these are wonderfully helpful!

  3. This is truly an amazing game for little ones. Thank you so much for posting this!

  4. Where is the link to download the game?

  5. THANK YOU for these!!! Fabulous! Any chance similar Bingo games are available for beginning readers / simply site words (i.e. “on”, “the”, “blue”, etc…)? MANY thanks again!


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