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FREE Beginning Blend BINGO

FREE Beginning Blend Bingo Pack | This Reading MamaMy son (age 5) is really beginning to understand how sounds in words work (as known as phonological awareness). He wants to know how words are spelled and asks me quite often about sounds in words. I simply adore how curious he is. After working through all our letter sounds last year with Reading the Alphabet, this year he was ready for more of a challenge, listening for beginning and ending sounds. Once I felt he had those under his belt, I decided to try beginning blends with him just to see how he’d do, so I created this Beginning Blend BINGO game (free download at the end of post). We had a great time playing it!

Listening For Blends in Words

The first thing I did before we played was go through each beginning blend picture card and say the name of the picture very slowly. I stretched out the sounds, especially the sound of the blend, like this s-k-ate. I asked him, “Can you hear /s/ and /k/ in that word? Say it slowly with me.”

picture cards for beginning blend bingo | This Reading MamaWe did this for about half the picture cards and I quickly noticed he was getting it. (I made sure and pointed out that scarf and skate both start with the same sounds. I showed him each word on the picture card to help him see that one starts with sc while the other starts with sk, since they would both sound exactly the same.)

Playing Beginning Blend BINGO

We each chose a game board. I shuffled the picture cards and put them in a pile face down. One at a time, we would pick the top card and name the object pictured. I was sure each time to really emphasize the beginning blend. If he needed help, I would show him the letters in the word. The purpose of playing this game the first time together wasn’t mastery. I knew he wasn’t quite ready for that. The purpose was to simply introduce listening for those beginning blend sounds in a fun and meaningful way. I plan on doing more of this with him in the weeks to come. And you can bet that this Beginning Blend BINGO game will make a reappearance! 😉

PhonicsBINGOPackDo you have a reader who is ready for more BINGO fun? Then, you may want to purchase my 62-page Phonics BINGO Bundle Pack for just $2.99! You can read more about it by clicking HERE or on the image above.

To download the FREE Beginning Blend Bingo Pack, click HERE!


If you enjoy these activities and printables, I would encourage you to follow along in one or more of these ways so you don’t miss a thing!

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  1. Love this! Am printing right now to use tomorrow with my first graders. Thank you! Thanks for sharing at After School!

  2. This could not have come at a better time!! Thank you so much, My son will love it!

  3. Lauren Bryant says:

    This looks fantastic! It is so nice to finally read a blog that is more than just an advertisement for a Teachers Pay Teachers store. I love everything I’ve seen so far and just want to say thanks!


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