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FREE Compound Word Pack | This Reading Mama

As our younger readers progress through the first grade, their texts begin to include compound words.  Because compound words look long, young readers will sometimes shut down.  This is what happened with ALuv {currently and the end of 1st grade}.  We’d already worked through breaking apart some two-syllable words and he was doing well with those, but I needed something a little extra to boost his confidence in breaking apart those longer compound words.  So I created a couple of compound word games for him.  These were such a big hit for him that I had to share.

Compound Word Matching Game

Compound Word Matching Game | This Reading Mama

He matched up the separate words to the compound word such as lip+stick= lipstick

Mix and Match Compound Word Game

This was so much fun to play with him.  We got some good laughs in.  So much so, that it was very hard to keep all the other kiddos at bay while we played on the floor.  They wanted to join in, too.  I had to resort to snack time for the other three so we could play in peace. 😉

Mix and Match Compound Word Game | This Reading Mama

After he re-matched the separate words to the compound words {compound matching game mentioned above}, I saved all of the compound word pictures and laid them out on the floor so we could see them.  Then, I placed all the word cards on the floor; like a memory match.

Mix and Match Compound Word Game2 | This Reading Mama

Each player turned over two cards, read the cards aloud {firefall or footbox}.  Some of these silly words turned over his giggle box.  I love laughing with my kids {I really don’t do it enough}.

Mix and Match Compound Word Game3 | This Reading Mama

When the two words created one of the real compound words that matched one of the words on our pictures, the player kept the pair and took another turn.  At the end of the game, the person with the most pairs was declared the winner.

*The most important part of learning to decode is connecting what kids learn out of context with in context reading.  Now when my son gets to one of those long and “scary” words; I gently remind him, “That’s a compound word and you can break it apart.”

To download the free Compound Word Pack, click HERE.


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  1. Love this, Becky! Beautiful printable!

  2. This looks fun! Downloaded and ready for action in the fall:-)

  3. Lucy Penfold says:

    Hi Becky, I love your Compound Word picture game? I was just wondering do you have template that I can use? I would like to do all the compound words into pictures as well and would like to keep it the same. Template to type sight words and print them as well.




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