I Spy (Sight Word Edition)

Here’s a super simple sight word game you can play this summer to keep those words fresh & sneak in some writing:

I Spy, sight word games


  • paper/pencil or dry erase board/marker
  • Sight words: use your Word Wall or you can pick 20-30 word cards-I would alphabetize them first (similar to a Word Wall)

Object of Game: To guess the word that the other person is thinking of by listening to clues.

How to Play:

  • For 2 or more players.
  • The person(s) who is guessing writes numbers 1-5 on her paper/dry erase board.
  • The clue giver gives 5 clues (one clue at a time) as to which word he is thinking of.
  • With each clue given, the guesser(s) writes down a word that fits the clue.  (By clue #5, the guesser should have the correct word written down.)

Here are a couple of examples from our game time:

I spy, sight word gameClues for NOW

  1. I spy a word on the Word Wall. (He wrote keep.)
  2. I spy a word with three letters. (He wrote see.)
  3. I spy a word with a w in it. (He wrote saw.)
  4. I spy a word that starts with the letter n. (He wrote new.)
  5. I spy a word that has the /ou/ sound in it. (He got it.)

sight word game, I SpyClues for WHERE

  1. I spy a word on the Word Wall. (He wrote she.)
  2. I spy a word with 5 letters. (He wrote shout.)
  3. I spy a word with two e’s. (He wrote there.)
  4. I spy a word that starts with the letter w. (He got it in 4 guesses!)

Word Wall gameTo adapt this game, play with the same rules; except hand your child a pointer and he points to the words and reads with each clue.

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  1. I like how you link your posts together, it is so helpful for finding everything. You have such complete lessons. Children love word wall games! Thank you.

  2. Great word wall game. I’ve actually never come across this one! Creative and easy!!

  3. Fun! I think both my 6 and 4 year old will like this. We will try this activity this week!

  4. Kids just love games and if the learning is fun, they love learning too! This looks like a really fun game to help with both their reading and their writing and I will keep it in mind for the future when we’re up to things like that. Love your word wall too. Popping over from weteach 😀


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