25+ Ways to Learn with Candy

25+ Ways to Learn with Candy {This Reading Mama}

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Maybe you’re more self-disciplined than me and you have LOADS of leftover candy lying around your house.  Maybe you don’t.  In any case, here are some activities our homeschool group recently did with candy…AND a round-up of more FABULOUS ways to learn with candy.

Harriets Halloween Candy read aloudAfter decorating paper bags (to store all their candy), we read Harriet’s Halloween Candy, a book that has some fabulous opportunities for making predictions and inferences…and a great lesson for what will happen if you eat too much candy.

Then the games began!

25+ Ways to Learn with Candy

1. Candy Corn Number Math {FREE PRINTABLE! from This Reading Mama}

2. Boo Bump (3 dice addition game)

3. Sink or Float with Candy-a lesson on surface tension

4. Skittle Color Sorting  – I used markers to color in each circle so MBug (currently 2 years old) would know where to put each color

5. Skittle Graphing

6. The floating M- we focused on making predictions…what will happen if we put our M&M’s in water?

7. M&M Color Mixing- we mixed the primary colors to create the secondary colors

Here are some more YUMMY activities you can do with that leftover candy:

8. M&M Christmas Tree-making pictures with candy
9. M&M Graphing
10. Learning with the Monty Hall Puzzle and M&Ms
11. Painting with Jelly Beans
12. Candy Crafts
13. Tootsie Roll Pops: Making Math and Science Yummy
14. Candy Patterns
15. Gummy Bear Math
16. Don’t Eat Jack
17. Candy Experiments
18. Candy Sequencing
19. Candy Corn Reading Activities
20. Melting and Dissovling with Candy
21. Halloween Candy Sorting
22. Halloween Tonging and Sorting
23. Playing with Candy
24. M&Ms Corn Roll
25. Gumdrop Sculptures
26. Candy Experiements
27. M&M Games to Pass the Time
28. More Candy Experiments
29. Candy Experiments, Learning, Activities, Crafts, Recipes, and More!

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  1. What a great post! Thanks for the link!

  2. How fun!! Thanks for including my Tootsie Pop post.

  3. We need to do that floating m experiment! Thanks for featuring our candy experiments :)

  4. great ideas!

  5. Thanks for sharing this, Becky! It’s part of my Halloween roundup today.


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